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Choosing an energy efficient washing machine over a standard washing could save you hundreds of dollars off your electricity bill and reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Wash in cold water, because washing in warm water uses up to 10 times more energy.
  • Use the economy setting and adjust the water level to suit the load size that you are washing.
  • Wash a full load rather than several smaller loads.
  • Spin the clothes on as high a speed as possible.

If you’re looking to purchase an energy efficient washing machine:

  • Look for washing machines that have a cold-water wash cycle and load sensing technology.
  • Consider a front loader washing machine as these are generally more energy efficient and use less water.
  • Look for models with a programmable timer or delay start function to enable you to run the machine at cheaper off-peak rates.
  • Go to to compare running costs of similar sized washing machines.

Our picks:


In the Logic models, ASKO have focused on a minimalist expression with slim lines and a tinted color scheme between front panel, panel and display. Harmony is the key here, and the Logic models are suitable for all forms of integration, where appearance is important. It’s the logical choice for everyone where design and function go hand in hand.

Consumption statistics: ASKO – 8KG FRONT LOAD WASHER

Energy Rating5 Stars
Energy Consumption216kWh/year
Water Rating5 Star
Water Consumption68L/Wash

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