Looking for some travel hacks reduce your environmental impact? The Green Wall has listed their top 3 sustainable travel hacks to make your next holiday or business trip more sustainable.

1. Choose accommodation that has an eco-label

From the islands across Asia Pacific to the Caribbean, hotels and resorts have been taking action to improve sustainable outcomes and provide peace of mind to travellers. Banning single use plastics like straws or investing in renewable energy to reduce carbon emissions are just some of the methods the tourism sector is implementing to achieve sustainable outcomes.

Travellers can now use The Green Wall platform to search for resorts that have been certified by world leading tourism eco-labels Green Globe, Green Key and Travel Life.

For hotels and resorts to receive certification they must meet strict criteria from areas such as sustainable management, social/economic, cultural heritage, environment with audits happening on a regular basis to ensure their claims validity.

The Green Globe and Travel Life certified Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort in Aruba is a great example of why travellers should be searching for sustainable accommodation. This resort has banned all plastic straws and bottles with their plastic avoidance program resulting in the avoidance of approximately 2 million plastic water bottles going to landfill.

Top 3 Sustainable Travel Hacks
Top 3 Sustainable Travel Hacks
Top 3 Sustainable Travel Hacks

2. Offset your carbon emissions

Have you ever struck a deal with a landowner to plant a tree on their property? No, me neither. But I do always buy carbon offsets when I fly.

For a fraction of the cost of your plane ticket you can offset your emissions from flying. These carbon offset fund project that reduce or remove emissions from the atmosphere, like from reforestation or energy efficiency programs.

3. Switch to the search engine that plants trees

From initial research and planning to booking hotels and transport, you will be searching the internet several times before you end up back at home planning your next trip.

Why not plant some trees whilst you travel?

Ecosia is the search engine that plants trees. They use the profits from ads that are displayed during your search to plant trees and have currently planted over 60 million trees and invested over 9 million euros.