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Our top 3 sustainable alternatives for this week highlights some amazing products made from recycled plastics and carbon absorbing seagrass and bamboo.

1. Products made from carbon absorbing seagrass

In our search for sustainable alternatives for products used every day, we discovered that seagrass is being used to produce a range of durable and biodegradable products like reusable bags. These bags can displace single use plastic bags which otherwise may have gone to landfill or polluted our oceans and waterways.

The most amazing feature of products made from seagrass is that as the seagrass is grown it absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere effectively making it a carbon sink.

2. Products made from recycled plastics

In an effort to reduce waste from plastics, a number of innovative solutions are now available thanks to some key players in the sustainable fashion movement like Repreve who make fibres from recycled materials like plastic bottles.

Take the ChicoBag for example, this lightweight travel bag is made from 100 post-consumer recycled plastic bottles and only weighs 204 grams with a 15L capacity.

3. Products made from bamboo

Next to seagrass, bamboo is one of the world’s fastest growing plants and also like seagrass is biodegradable and absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere. Because of the amazing qualities of bamboo, it’s no wonder that innovative companies all around the world keep coming up with new way to use bamboo.

Not Just Bamboo, a Danish social impact company, have created the worlds first one-piece bamboo bottle. The bottle is handcrafted in Vietnam by local families and does not require mining and processing materials such as steel, plastic or glass.

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