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The Green Wall has signed up to support ‘lead the charge’ in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from retailers.

Energy is the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Australia, and as energy consumers, we can do something about it.

By switching your electricity company to a retailer that does not own coal assets, you will be sending a message to both the energy industry and Government that you want to see stronger action to reduce emissions.

The more homes and businesses that make the switch, the louder the message will be.

By heading to the lead the charge website, you will be able to see which energy retailers in Australia currently own coal fired generation assets and those that don’t.

The list contains companies that own coal generation assets in Australia and those with parent companies with a controlling interest that own coal assets as of 9th July 2019.

Take the pledge today to stop buying your energy from a company that owns coal and lead the charge.

DC Power Co, the organisation behind ‘lead the charge’, will keep Angus Taylor up to date with how many Australians make the pledge.

The more people and businesses that make the pledge, the more Mr Taylor will see that people want to reduce emission and are taking action to do so.