Melia Palma Bay

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Melia Palma Bay is EarthCheck Certified through EarthCheck’s certification program.

The hotel has achieved Benchmark Bronze.

EarthCheck Certification programs provide travel destinations and tourism organisations with a framework to guide and deliver environmental and social sustainability. The programs deliver triple bottom line results by enabling enterprises to measure water, waste and energy consumption; develop strategies, policies and practices to reduce their social and environmental impact; and realise operational cost savings.

The EarthCheck Standards are mapped to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to encourage environmental, social and cultural best practice and improve operational performance. The EarthCheck Certified, Eco & Evaluate Standards focus on key performance areas including:

1. Greenhouse Gas Emissions
2. Energy Efficiency, Conservation and Management
3. Management of Freshwater Resources
4. Ecosystem Conservation and Management
5. Social and Cultural Management
6. Land Use Planning and Management
7. Air Quality Protection
8. Wastewater Management
9. Solid Waste Management
10. Environmentally Harmful Substances.

EarthCheck provides certification, benchmarking and business advisory services to help their members across the world to be not only sustainable but profitable enterprises which are good for the planet, good for the communities in which they operate and good for business. For further details on the EarthCheck programs visit