Iguazu Jungle Lodge

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Iguazu Jungle Lodge is a Certified member through Travelife’s accommodation sustainability programme and by NEPCon Sustainable Tourism Certification ‐ Rainforest Alliance Certified™.

The hotel has achieved GOLD status from Travellife and a global score of 96.89% on its latest audit process from NEPCon.

To be awarded Travelife GOLD status, a hotel must meet 100% of applicable criteria from their industry leading standards. Travelife assess the accommodation in the areas of human rights, labour, community engagement and environmental impacts and is GSTC-recognised.

To be eligible to obtain NEPCon Sustainable Tourism Certification ‐ Rainforest Alliance Certified™, an accommodation must meet at least 70% compliance of the overall NEPCon Sustainable Tourism Certification Standard for Accommodations and 100% compliance of its 32 Critical Indicators. The standard includes 19 high impact topics relevant to sustainable tourism related to the economic, sociocultural and environmental performance of the certified companies. For more information on NEPCon Sustainable Tourism Certification, please visit their website: https://www.nepcon.org/certification/tourism/nepcon-sustainable-tourism-certification-services.