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Plastic Free July is a movement that inspires people all around the globe to solve the issue of plastic pollution. Plastic pollution can be found in our streets, our oceans and waterways and in our communities and it’s time to act.

A great place to start Plastic Free July is to head over to the official website and take the challenge. On their website, you’ll find a range of resources to help reduce plastic waste at work, school, events or in your local community.

A major benefit of choosing a reusable, plastic free option is that they:

  1. Reduce waste;
  2. Reduce pollution in our waterways and oceans;
  3. Are often biodegradable;
  4. Produce less emissions in their production; and
  5. Are not made from fossil fuels like plastics.

At The Green Wall, we find sustainable alternatives to products used every day and have found a range of plastic free options to help you this Plastic Free July. When you start to look, you’ll find some amazing new products you didn’t even know were available on the market.

Below are 9 plastic free alternatives that took less than 10 minutes to find online. In some cases, the plastic alternative would be used for less than that amount of time and would take hundreds of years to decompose.

1. Reusable bags made from seagrass

Seagrass is recognised as a natural carbon sink absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere, and more than that, it makes great products! As we shift away from single use plastic bags to carry our shopping, seagrass is being used to make durable, environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable tote bags.


2. Reusable beeswax food wraps

Made from organic cotton and covered in beeswax, there is a new reusable wrap solution to keeping food fresh and reduce your consumption of single use plastics.

Plastic Free Reusable wrap

3. Reusable coffee cups

Most people don’t realise that standard disposable take-away coffee cups cannot be recycled. This is because they are often sprayed with a coating that is not recyclable. Search for your new reusable coffee cup today.

Reusable coffee cup

4. Plastic free reusable cutlery

Ordering take-away at work, going camping or preparing for a picnic – Why not keep a reusable cutlery set close by? We produce millions of tons of plastic waste each year, most of which can be replaced with sustainable alternatives like reusable cutlery sets.

theotherstraw is a Australian-based social enterprise offering reusable bamboo cutlery sets. They donate 50% of their profits back to ocean clean-ups in Australia and send out all their orders carbon-neutral and plastic-free. 

5. Plastic free drink bottles

An alarming 1 million plastic bottles are brought every minuet around the world with less than half being recycled. A simple way to curb this addiction with plastic is to use reusable alternatives like a bamboo drinking bottle.

Bamboo drinking bottle

6. Plastic free scrubbing pad

Using a plastic scrubbing pad can lead to micro-plastics breaking off entering the waterways, polluting the oceans. Furthermore, when they have reached their end of life and are thrown away, they end up in landfill.  

Plastic Free Scrubbing pad

7. Plastic free cotton buds

If you’re currently using plastic cotton bud, why not try bamboo cotton buds? They are the perfect sustainable alternative to normal plastic cotton buds as they serve the same function and reduce the amount of plastics that ends up in the oceans or washed up on beaches.

Bamboo cotton buds

8. Plastic free toothbrush

The Australian Society of Orthodontists’ says that both standard and electric toothbrushes can be used just as effectively to keep your mouth clean and healthy. With that out of the way…how can we brush our teeth and clean our mouths in a more sustainable way? The bamboo toothbrush!

Plastic Free Bamboo toothbrush

9. Plastic free natural deodorant

Natural deodorant are deodorants that are free from toxins such as Aluminium which synthetic anti-perspirants often contain. There are also a number of 100% plastic free and zero waste options available.

Natural deodorant