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The Green Wall joins thousands of Victorians already fighting climate change with TAKE2.

Supporting individuals, government, business and other organisation, Acacia Sustainability and The Green Wall have just made the pledge to Sustainability Victoria’s TAKE2 program.

Our pledge

We are at a pivotal time in our planet’s history, where:

  • The planet is on a trajectory of 4.1 °C – 4.8 °C of warming by 2100 above pre-industrial levels as reported by Climate Action Tracker;
  • Deforestation is occurring at alarming rates, with and area larger than the size of South Africa being lost from 1990 to 2016 according to The World Bank; and
  • One million species are at risk of extinction and plastic and other waste products are polluting our oceans leading to over 400 ‘dead zones’ totalling an area the size of the United Kingdom according to the United Nations.

There is however hope that with strong action from governments, organisations and individuals all around the world, we can limit global warming to 1.5 °C by 2100 above pre-industrial levels, avoid the catastrophic impacts of a warmer climate, reduce our production of waste and improve biodiversity.

At Acacia Sustainability, we assist Australia and neighbouring nations in meeting their sustainable development goals.

Our latest project, The Green Wall aims to empower everyday consumers with information about products and services available today that can reduce consumers impact on the environment. We hope that this will help in the shift to a low carbon economy and increased the demand for sustainable products and services.

Our commitments

Our TAKE2 actions (click here to view)

Products and services
Tell your customers about energy efficient and renewable energy products and servicesDone
Help customers reduce their carbon emissions by offering advice servicesDone
Offer installation and/or maintenance services to maximise your products’ energy efficiencyDone
Increase the recycled content in your productsDone
Design your products to minimise energy and materials used to make each productDone
Design your products to help customers reduce carbon emissionsDone
Install blinds inside or outside your building/s to keep cool on hot daysDone
Install LED lighting to save on electricityDone
Install solar photovoltaic systems on buildingsDone
Encourage staff to turn off equipment they’re not usingDone
Install LED lightingDone
Get the most from IT systems; use energy efficient equipment or cloud based servicesDone
Emissions offsets
Buy carbon offsets for air travelDone
Renewable energy
Investigate renewable energy options. Would they work for your business?Done
Install solar photovoltaic panelsDone

Pledge Now

We are encouraging individuals and families, businesses, government, educational organisations and community organisations in Victoria to pledge to act now and help keep temperature rise to under two degrees.