If you’re currently using plastic cotton bud, why not try bamboo cotton buds? They are the perfect sustainable alternative to normal plastic cotton buds as they serve the same function and reduce the amount of plastics that ends up in the oceans or washed up on beaches.

Standard plastic cotton buds:

  • Not bio-degradable;
  • Use petroleum in their production; and
  • Cannot be recycled through house recycling systems.

In comparison,

  • Bamboo is a sustainable material that absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere as it grows;
  • Is able to be buried or composted and will return to organic matter in the soil; and
  • BPA free.

Our picks:

Go Bamboo’s Cotton Buds

Biodegradable cotton buds that feature a bamboo stick. Bamboo cotton buds are a sustainable alternative to plastic cotton buds, they are compostable & 100% biodegradable. Ideal for makeup application and removal and cleaning small areas. Pack of 200 bamboo cotton buds.

Why shop at Biome?

At The Green Wall, we have chosen Biome for a number of reasons including:

  • 100% palm oil free and cruelty free; 
  • Have Australia’s strictest ingredient standards;
  • Committed to honest, transparent product labelling (you won’t see any ‘sustainable palm oil’ greenwash!);
  • Provide plastic free shipping;
  • Offset the environmental impact of shipping your parcel;
  • A Certified B Corporation;
  • Offer free standard shipping on orders over $75;
  • Dispatch orders within 1 working day; and
  • Offer 30 day returns.