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Sharing economies are on the rise thanks to mass market apps and websites like UBER and AirBnB. These new economies serve a great purpose as we shift towards a more sustainable economy as they make better use the things we own, our cars, sporting equipment, houses and even our leftover meals.

When thinking about your next holiday, consider house swapping as a great sustainable alternative. Simply sign up to a house swapping network and starting to look through thousands of properties anywhere in the world.

Traditional hotels and resorts with no sustainable practices may:

  • Add large quantities of waste to landfill;
  • Use large quantities of single use plastics; and
  • Consume large quantities of energy.

In comparison, house swapping:

  • Consumes less energy and resources;
  • Produces of less waste; and
  • Supports the sharing economy.

Our picks:

Love Home Swap

Sharing economies

Love Home Swap has been helping thousands of people enjoy better vacations through the power of sharing economies for over five years. You can swap your home and travel (just about) anywhere in the world. Love Home Swap allows you to swap with thousands of inspiring homes across the world. Kids go free. Come to think of it, adults do too!

Swap with thousands of unique homes worldwide and enjoy more than one way to swap. As a member, you can list more than one property, enjoy 24/7 member support and benefit from exclusive benefits from partners such as Zipcar.

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