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Ordering take-away at work, going camping or preparing for a picnic – Why not keep a reusable cutlery set close by? We produce millions of tons of plastic waste each year, most of which can be replaced with sustainable alternatives like reusable cutlery sets.

Standard plastic disposable cutlery and straws:

  • Not bio-degradable;
  • May use petroleum in their production; and
  • Contribute to landfill and can pollute the oceans and waterways.

In comparison, reusable cutlery sets:

  • Reusable;
  • Recyclable content;
  • Avoids waste to landfill;
  • BPA free; and
  • Sustainable materials.

Our picks:

theotherstraw Bamboo Cutlery Set

theotherstraw is a Australian-based social enterprise offering reusable bamboo cutlery sets. They donate 50% of their profits back to ocean clean-ups in Australia and send out all their orders carbon-neutral and plastic-free. 

Choose to Reuse Bamboo Cutlery Set

Choose to Reuse this three-piece reusable cutlery set with fork, spoon and knife. Made from 100% bamboo, a renewable resource, and designed to combat single-use plastics. The perfect addition to your zero waste kit. Ditch disposable plastic cutlery and ‘Choose to ReUse’ instead. Natural cotton pouch.

Why shop at Biome?

At The Green Wall, we have chosen Biome as our favorite destination for sustainable alternatives for a number of reasons:

  • 100% palm oil free and cruelty free; 
  • Have Australia’s strictest ingredient standards;
  • Committed to honest, transparent product labelling (you won’t see any ‘sustainable palm oil’ greenwash!);
  • Provide plastic free shipping;
  • Offset the environmental impact of shipping your parcel;
  • A Certified B Corporation;
  • Offer free standard shipping on orders over $75;
  • Dispatch orders within 1 working day; and
  • Offer 30 day returns.