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Recycled, post-consumer recycled and FSC paper – Below is a quick summary of the different types of paper to help you make a choice if you haven’t already gone paper free.

Recycled paper: ‘Recycled content paper’ means the pulp has been made from timber reclaimed from the timber processing waste stream. Contrary to what many people think, it is not made from recycled paper waste (such as we put out with our recycling each week), but is actually still made from virgin pulp, for instance off-cuts when cutting timber planks.

Post-consumer recycled paper: ‘Post-consumer recycled content’ paper means the pulp has been made from material that has been used at least once as a paper product and then recycled. This means that no trees are directly cut down to make this content of the paper. Post-consumer recycled content creates demand for wastepaper, and much less energy is required to make it. This is the only paper that uses wastepaper.

FSC Certified paper: ‘FSC Certified content’ means that the pulp has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (a not-for-profit organisation) to have been grown in a plantation that has achieved certain standards in environmental, social and economic responsibility.

Our picks:

Muru A4 white post-consumer recycled paper 80GSM

Muru® 100% recycled copy paper is an environmentally friendly paper containing 100% post-consumer recycled fibres.

The Muru® Group, a Supply Nation certified business, supports Indigenous community initiatives whilst helping Corporate and Government buyers deliver on their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) targets and commitments. Each purchase of a Muru® product provides direct social and economic support to Indigenous families throughout Australia.

Made from reclaimed waste resources. High level environmental standards in manufacturing. PEFC Certified with raw materials sourced from recycled and ethically controlled sources.  Produced in a mill accredited with ISO14001 for environmental management and ISO9001 for quality.

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