The most comprehensive Energy Comparison Tool on the market is Coming Soon to The Green Wall!

The Green Wall Energy Comparison Tool will compare every generally available residential electricity and gas market offer from every single energy company in Australia. This will ensure that you find the best deal rather than promoting retailers that pay to present their products. To ensure that you also consider which retailer is doing its bit for the environment, we are including the Green Energy Guide rankings.

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Energy Comparison Tool

How will The Green Wall compare energy retailers to ensure you find the best deal in the market?

The Green Wall Energy Comparison Tool will compare energy plans from every retailer across Australia to ensure you find the best deal available at the time. Also published will be the Green Energy Guide rankings so you can compare how different retailers compare against environmental credentials.

To help you compare apples-with-apples between all the energy retailers’ products on the market, we will rank the retailers based on a calculated ‘WattPrice’. All the prices on the bill are combined to determine the bill value which is then divided by the consumption to calculate the ‘WattPrice’.

The tool will be free to use and is going to be a ‘Privacy By Design’ product. It was designed without the need to enter your phone number so you will never fear an annoying sales call just to compare the market.

The tool will compare every energy retailer across NSW, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and the ACT. Note that not all retailers operate in all states so you may not see every retailer show up when you compare.

The Green Wall compares all the energy retailers and not just the greenest.

At The Green Wall, we support the transition to 100% renewable energy and hope it happens as fast as possible to decarbonise the energy sector in a bid to limit the growth of global temperature rises.

We believe that the ever-decreasing cost of renewable energy technology, uptake of large-scale energy storage and deployment of new technologies will disrupt the energy market and force retailers to improve their environmental credentials even in the absence of strong energy policy from the government.

With this disruption in mind, it won’t be long before all energy retailers will have strong green credentials.

In the meantime, it is up to you to support companies which are doing their bit to reduce emissions across the sector. These companies are taking actions like:

  • Investing in renewable energy projects;
  • Offsetting their emissions;
  • Not owning fossil fuel generators; or
  • Supports strong emission reduction targets.

We would like to provide you with as much information as we can to help you make the decision of choosing an energy retailer, so we have decided to include the entire market in our energy comparison tool.

Why have electricity bills increased so much recently?

Australia has recently started exporting large quantities of natural gas to countries like Japan, China and South Korea and is currently the world’s second largest exporter of liquified natural gas (LNG). Australia will soon become the world’s largest exporter as additional capacity comes online.

Because Australia now exports natural gas, the domestic gas price has been linked to the international gas price which has led to higher gas prices.

In the National Energy Market (NEM), the final price is set by the last and most expensive bid. As gas generators can respond quickly to spikes in electricity demand, the price in the NEM is often set by these generators.

Linking to the international markets has therefore had a significant impact on electricity prices.

With the addition of large-scale energy storage that is powered by low-cost or even free renewable energy, it is expected that energy prices will start to come down in prices as less gas fired generation sets the final market price.