Download The Green Wall’s Free Eco-Travel Guide and you’ll be able to answer – ‘Yes!’ – to questions like: Did you know that you could be planting trees just for researching your next holiday? Are you aware that by choosing a certified sustainable hotel or resort can help support the Sustainable Development Goals?

Delve deeper into the world of sustainable tourism with our free to download Eco-Travel Guide.

What’s inside our Free Eco-Travel Guide

We cover four interesting topics on how to travel in a more sustainable way before we share The Ultimate List of sustainable hotels and resorts from around the world. We have no doubt that you will be adding these hotels to your bucket-list.

Free Eco-Travel Guide

1. Fly Carbon Neutral: Discover how to fly carbon neutral

2. Eco travel hack: How to plant tree’s when researching your next holiday;

3. SDG’s and travel: Find out how travelling can help support the Sustainable Development Goals;

4. Choose certified: Learn what eco-labels to look for when you travel to reduce your environmental impact;

5. The Ultimate List: The Green Wall’s ultimate list of eco-hotels & resorts from around the world.

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The Green Wall aims to empower everyday consumers with information about products and services that are being sold today to reduce consumers impact on the environment. This will help in the shift to a low carbon economy and increased the demand for sustainable products and services.

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