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Ecosia is the search engine that plants trees. They use the profits from ads that are displayed during your search to plant trees and have currently planted over 60 million trees and invested over 9 million euros.

On average, if you search around 45 times then Ecosia will plant a tree! Based on their current users’ activity, this results in a tree planted every 1.1 seconds.

What impact could the average person have by changing their search engine?

Let’s step through the numbers and see what impact you could have just by changing your search engine to one that plants trees.

  • Average searches per day:

According to estimates reported by Moz, the average person conducts 3.4 searches per day.

  • Number of trees to remove one tonne of CO2:

Carbon Neutral, an Australian organisation that provides carbon offsets through tree planting, have estimated that for every 15 trees planted one tonne of CO2 is removed from the atmosphere.

  • Number of searches to plant one tree:

Ecosia states that it takes roughly 45 searches to plant one tree. Therefore, if the average person searches 3.4 times per day this results in 28 trees planted per year.

  • Estimated annual emission reductions from changing search engines:

If for every 15 trees planted one tonne of CO2 is removed from the atmosphere, then 1.8 tonnes of CO2 could be removed from the atmosphere just from changing your browser.

Emission Reductions in Perspective

To put the emission reductions into perspective, go grab an electricity bill and look at the chart that presents your greenhouse gas emissions. For example, if your quarterly electricity bill shows that you produced 0.6 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions from purchasing electricity, then just by changing your browser and searching the internet as you normally do, you would have reduced for emissions from electricity by a whopping 75%!

Not only is Ecosia planting trees with profits earned through ad revenue, but they have also invested in a 531kW solar PV plant delivering clean energy to the grid to replace their electricity consumption that would have otherwise come from fossil fuels.

Help Ecosia meet their goal of planting one billion trees by the year 2020 and start searching with purpose today!

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