Using a plastic scrubbing pad can lead to micro-plastics breaking off entering the waterways, polluting the oceans. Furthermore, when they have reached their end of life and are thrown away, they end up in landfill.  

Standard plastic scrubbing pad:

  • Not bio-degradable;
  • Use petroleum in their production;
  • May break into microplastics which end up in the oceans; and
  • Cannot be recycled through house recycling systems.

In comparison, scrubbing pads made from coconut coir:

  • Can be buried or composted and will return to organic matter in the soil;
  • BPA free;
  • Avoid waste to landfill

Our picks:

Sufix Coconut Fibre Scrub Pad

This unique scrub pad is made from natural coconut fibers bound together by a non-toxic adhesive.  Will not scratch non-stick and delicate surfaces and will stay fresh and effective for months.

Why shop at Biome?

At The Green Wall, we have chosen Biome for a number of reasons including:

  • 100% palm oil free and cruelty free; 
  • Have Australia’s strictest ingredient standards;
  • Committed to honest, transparent product labelling (you won’t see any ‘sustainable palm oil’ greenwash!);
  • Provide plastic free shipping;
  • Offset the environmental impact of shipping your parcel;
  • A Certified B Corporation;
  • Offer free standard shipping on orders over $75;
  • Dispatch orders within 1 working day; and
  • Offer 30 day returns.