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Best Sustainable Travel Tip for 2020: Vegan Condoms – Before I started researching for this article, I had no idea what latex is, what lubricant is made from or that condoms used to be made from lambskin!

German entrepreneurs, Philip Siefer and Waldemar Zeiler were just trying to rebrand condoms to not look like medical products when they discovered that condoms typically contain an animal protein to make the latex softer.

With a focus on sustainability, their company Einhorn only use natural plant-based lubricant where the condom itself is made from latex which is a natural milky sap extracted from rubber trees. They also don’t use animals in the development or testing process!

sustainable travel tip for 2020
Image: Einhorn

Beyond being a vegan condom, Einhorn has sustainability built into the core of its operations. They take actions like creating fair working conditions for everyone involved in the value chain, researching and increasing the biodiversity in the plantation, preventing the use of harmful pesticides and keeping the CO2 emissions as low as possible.

Best Sustainable Travel Tip for 2020: Next time you’re packing for your next holiday, pack vegan condoms and consider the sustainability of all your actions.

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