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Featured Resort

Mitsis Group has been awarded Green Key certification for 17 of their luxury hotels & resorts located across Greece.

The Green Key award is based on compliance with strict criteria covering environmental management (water, energy, waste, cleaning, etc.), corporate social responsibility as well sustainability education (staff, guests, suppliers, etc.).

To achieve the Green Key award across their 17 hotels and resorts, Mitsis Group have implemented a range of activities to reduce their carbon footprint, protect water resources, improve hygiene, preserve natural resources and recycle and compost.

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Bed Threads make luxurious bedding made from 100% French flax linen.

Why linen? Linen uses less water and fewer pesticides to cultivate than other manchesters.

Bed Threads is also 100% carbon neutral and their packaging is plastic free meaning that you can sleep easy.

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Featured Brand

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